Seven words or less / Bell Quest: A Story From A Pelican

This is definitely a night where I write six paragraphs and erase them just to start over again… And again. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say. It’s just that there is too much. More often then not, what i’m writing become a draft that is unfinished. The whole purpose of this blog is to share my journey as a protege. But sometimes that’s hard because picking one thing to focus on can be hard.

I want to tell you so much. But sometimes, telling what matters now, is what’s going to be the best.

I was recently speaking with someone in the SCA and they had said something to the effect of “We don’t level up in the SCA”. I stopped and thought about this for a moment then turned to them and said, “actually, that’s not entirely true.”

Before you put too much thought about it, please note that it’s not just the SCA. We do it in our everyday lives too…

You know,

  1. Become a student
  2. Graduate
  3. Get a job
  4. Get a raise
  5. Be promoted


  1. Dating
  2. Engagement
  3. Marriage
  4. New Home
  5. Kids

I could go on. These are things that make us feel like we’re moving forward, getting to the next point, the next stage, next level, or whatever you choose to call it.

When I first started the SCA, our Baronial Herald and Baroness held a class on precedence. It was the first time I was really introduced to the awards structure. I knew people received them, I did not know how they were different or even that they mattered so much. They were awarded. I had received awards before. Awards are fun.

At this workshop, I heard about Kings and Queens, and Peers and all other sorts of positions. I remember getting in line with people in order of precedence and standing only one or two from the end. I had no award at this time. I was new comer and was still trying to remember what activities were happening on what day. I also vaguely remember trying to think about ever receiving an award. I had no idea what to do or how to do it.

I really just wanted to be involved. I served at the first feast I ever saw, I became a deputy to the Chronicler before my first year was over, I learned what illumination was. I had fun.

The first 12th night I attended was kind of crazy. I had made some friends at this point but was insanely afraid to drive far. And this was an event an hour and a half away in the winter. I was hanging out with friends and we were in the back of court when I heard my name and felt my heart leap into my throat. I kept going over in my head what Lord (at the time) Ermenrich had told me to do when walking up into court.


Stop, bow, move closer, bow, kneel. Only this time I was trying to tell myself not to trip on the stairs. I made there just fine. And they read the words to my AoA into court. It was such an honor and I was so excited but so new and so excited! Yes, i know i said that twice! I felt like I was belonging. That it was so great to be there and then to have my friends congratulate me. Suddenly awards had meaning. Suddenly I was no longer just “Ceara” but “Lady Ceara”. I had made it to the next “level.”

about a year later I had taken on the Youth Office in Cynnabar and was working on figuring out policies while still doing all the other things I was involved in. Duke Dag and Duchess AnneMarie from our Barony had their Coronation local to our group. I had just figured out my full name and was sitting in court and after about four or so times of them calling my name did I realize they meant me. I wasn’t sure why they would be calling me.


It was really awesome. I had received my purple Fret and while extremely honored, I concerned that I did not deserve it. At the time I had only been in the SCA for for a year and a half. But I had done a lot of volunteering. Looking back now, I get it better than I did then. Even at that, I’m only getting recently why that award seemed appropriate. At the time, I was really too new.

In the next three years I found myself a part of a lot of award conversations. We would talk about why awards are important and why they aren’t. I’ve heard solid arguments about why we shouldn’t have them. I’ve heard strong arguments about why we should have more. More often than not I’ve heard discussion on what we can do to bridge the gaps in between as members of the populace.

Some of the greatest thanks I received didn’t come in the form of an award but rather in a trinket being a strand of beads, a special token, or even beautiful candles.

I do what I do in the SCA because I enjoy it. At times, it can be frustrating and might have me screaming or/and yelling, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. During my latest project I sometimes wished I hadn’t started but when it was through I felt like celebrating. My point is, that we work hard and sometimes don’t see recognition until we are through. And sometimes it is so frustrating when you feel you’re working hard and getting no where. And it’s as if no one cares. I admit to having gotten lost to this earlier this year but still trying to keep going. It get hard.

And I didn’t realize it so much until my friend was recently elevated.

In the past I have helped with vigils. I’ve talked with people who are on vigil. I just hadn’t attended one. What does a person say? I heard you are supposed to give advice. But I am not a peer. I really felt I had just really started to build my foundation that I’m working off of in the SCA. I had even styled Mistress Giovanna’s hair while she sat her vigil. Still, I didn’t come in to speak with her during her vigil, because I didn’t know what to do or say. I didn’t have advice and she had my support for her elevation all along. Many vigils passed and I congratulated those who stood one, but never attended.

The Honorable Lady Elizabethe had been charged to stand her vigil at Pennsic. A year after I became Minister of Youth, I told her I wanted to be part of researching the laws and policies. I found it fun, challenging, frustrating, and rewarding all at the same time. She was the Kingdom Minister of Youth at the time and I was honored to be working along side her. I learned more about the ins and outs of the office from her than anyone. She was there for me when ever there was a problem and we sometimes spent hours in Emails, instant messages, and even video chats to solve what seemed impossible. All the while, I was just happy to be part of it.

I hoped she would get recognized for it. I also talked to many to make sure they were aware of how awesome she was and what she was doing. In a short amount of time, she had become a valued friend.

She decided to hold her vigil and elevation at Crown Tournament this fall. I was going to make it there no matter what. I was honored that she had asked me to do her hair for her as well. So that morning I revealed that I had never attended a vigil and that I was so nervous! Which was really silly because here we were hanging out talking about meeting later so I could attend her vigil. She then gave me advice on how to attend her vigil. I actually thought it was sort of ironic and awesome all at once.

It was later that afternoon before I decided I just needed to do it. So I went up, put my name on the list, and wrote in her book while waiting. Naturally Duke Dag would be fighting and so I ran down stairs, asking for my place to be held as I was next. The next couple fights were awesome and seemed to last forever while being over far too soon. I was back up stairs and THL Elizabethe was ready.

We started off by talking about the tournament and out come. She offered me chocolate. We finally got to talking. I did congratulate her. But then I had to tell her my story.

Many times I had heard that “You have to be a Pelican before you can become one.” I got the concept in theory but how can you be something before you become something? It wasn’t until she was put on vigil did I really understand. Because in the end, you can’t give an award to someone if they haven’t earned said award.

So she told me a story in return after I told her that I had been hoping this would come for the last year or so for her. Of course by this time, I was getting all teary.

She had said that she was happy that this didn’t happen sooner. That if it was any earlier, she wouldn’t have been ready for it. It was over the course of the last year that she started thinking more about it. It wasn’t a why-haven’t-I-gotten-there-yet sort of thing. It was a how-would-I-expect-a-Pelican-to-handle-this or a What-would-a-pelican-do? kind of thing. This made much more sense to me as well. Perhaps it is because of this that I saw it in her more so over the last year. Because she was right. She was taking that into consideration and I had wondered why she wasn’t there. The thing was is that while I wondering, she was getting there. To that point of being worthy of such an honor. Listening to her tell me this, you could see just how true it was. And I understood, or at least I thought I did. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

The thing about this moment that shocked me more than anything, was that she had taken a moment out of everything going on this day to speak with people one on one. To really listen to what people had to say be it advice or thanks. I never expected to receive such an amazing gift from her.

After this short discussion about being ready, stopped and told me that she couldn’t have done it without me.

If you read those words, it’s so easy to just glance over them. But those 7 words meant more than any award or token I have ever been given in the SCA. In that short amount of time she managed to thank me but also say how much she really appreciated my help. I cried. I was so honored and shocked that it seemed to be the only emotion that would come out at the moment. 7 small words were so much more than I can express. She then asked me if I would carry her personal banner in the procession. Of which only made that moment, that much more. And in that short moment, I realized completely why it was now instead of then that this was happening. Because as she said, this was the right time. Because now she was a Pelican.


On a side note.

Having come into the Youth Office where it hadn’t existed before I took it was hard. And Mistress Elizabethe had been the Kingdom MoY at the time. She was and is someone I look up to in the SCA. I hope to someday fulfill the Kingdom Youth Office and be at least half the Youth Officer she was.

So, later that day I watched and listened closely as the Peers of the Kingdom spoke of her good deeds and nature. I watched as she became the pelican she already was.

After this day, I promised I would get myself together. That I would work harder. That I wanted to do great things in the Youth Office. I had gotten a bit crispy because I had hit a plateau. Nothing seemed to be moving and so I found myself slowing down as well. But speaking with Elizabethe reminded me that it wasn’t about the award. While yes, receiving one would be awesome, I don’t need. And I had decided this just a week or so ago after putting more thought into it.

All I want to do is make things clearer and easier for Youth Officers and develop the program that already exists. I know it can grow. I know it will be hard. But as Master Midair recently told me, “Of course it’s hard. If it wasn’t hard then someone would already be doing it or it would already be done.” Receiving an award won’t change the outcome of my level of work. It’s nice, but it won’t change how I’m doing my job.  So I set out to figure out what needs to change.

At A Grand Day of Tournaments I looked back on the first youth activities I did for this event only 3 years ago. There had been a total of 4 children there. One was a baby. This year as I ran gate, I was able to see how that had changed. 34 children showed up and I couldn’t have been happier. The more children, the higher the attendance as well. Which means more people are involved too. It is something I have worked hard for in our area.

At court that evening I watched as our Excellencies called up the Princess Royal and thanked her for her assistance at the tavern. I watched Her Majesty tear as Baroness Kasha passed along a broach from her dress in thanks to her daughter. And later Cassandra, a youth in our local group, earned an award for teaching dances, learning dances and playing music for dances. Which was amazing to me because I remember a time when she hadn’t really been interested at all.

A member of our barony was put in Vigil. I have heard such great things about Baron Jasen over the years that it was exciting to be there as well as watch the knight of my household beg the boon. Shortly after that and being teary eyed (The last couple events were kind of emotional!), my name was called into court.

I went up, much like the first time, only three years later. I had forgotten how nervous I can be! I knelt before their majesties while listening to the words of the award I would be receiving. When I heard the words “Order of the Dragon’s Heart” I felt my own heart leap because I never would have expected that. There was an exchange of words with the King who handed me my scroll and the Queen who placed a representative of the award around my neck. Once again I was teary eyed. I made it back to my seat with my heart pounding and some part of me wondering if I was over reacting. Mistress Giovanna congratulated me, calling me “Your Ladyship”. It was different and shocking. Though at this moment I truly understood What Elizabeth had been telling me. That she wasn’t ready and that it happened at the right time. While this isn’t as big as getting elevated, it still meant a lot to me. And I realized, as she did, that it was the right time and was really not too early. Though I hadn’t been expecting it at all. It was an honor and one I plan to continue to be worthy of.


It was after this that the “leveling up” conversation came in. While it’s not a “Game” so to say, I do feel that I’ve made it to the next level. One of which I’m happy to work harder at. But now, while I’m happy to have been made a member of the Order of the Dragon’s Heart, that What I have to do has to be because it is important to me and because what I want to do will make a difference somewhere along the way. I want to someone who can someday pass along the magic so that others can continue to experience it the way we all should.

I can’t say what the future hold or how much current thinking will change. Heaven knows I have as a whole in General over the last five years. One of the best parts of this blog will be able to look back and remember.

Award are important, but sometimes, seven words or less can mean more than than anything.

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Pennsic 44: Bell Quest Update

8 hours of service to the SCA marshal community at Pennsic

This quest was given to me by Sir Gregoire, the knight of my household. He is also the kingdom Earl Marshal as well. To be honest, I wasn’t really optimistic about this one. I understand that he gave it to me as a way to be more well-rounded in the SCA but when you only have a week, it seems that eight hours is a lot.

Four days before I was to leave for Pennsic, I had everything planned and if I could stick to that plan then I could finish this quest I was given. Unfortunately, the universe thought differently. I ended up with allergies and congestion. The day I was supposed to leave for Pennsic, I had gone through an entire box of tissues with no hope of having enough energy to pack the car. I ended up leaving nearly 24 hours later than planned. When I arrived I was still sniffling and coughing. I was exhausted just from helping put up my tent. I say helping because there were at least three other people who helped me, and normally it isn’t such a task for me.

The next day I told Mistress Giovanna that I really wasn’t sure I was going to be able to complete my quest. That in order to do so, I’d have to show up to everything I had planned. Unfortunately, trying to deal and work with children sounded exhausting and really was going to make up for four hours of time. Thankfully she had the idea to help her with the Pennsic Signal Corps. It would be on Friday, so I had some time to recover.

In the mean time, I was able to work as a MoL. This essentially meant that after a fighter had gone through inspection that I checked his authorization card for an expiration date, checked a photo ID of said person to make sure it was him, placed the number of the marshal who inspected him as well as his number (numbers came from the medallion given at gate upon arrival) on a sticker then place the sticker on the right side of the helm.

In passing I got to meet people from all over the known world, which was awesome. I also learned some about the armor. I got to see many different styles that people wore. I learned a bit about why it was important. And I got to hear lots of interesting conversation from people who are very knowledgeable about the marshaled activities that occur in the SCA. It was also a treat and interesting experience to show up and work with people I hadn’t really ever met before.

Sometime in the evening, back at camp, Sir Gregoire asked if I liked doing this work. I responded enthusiastically that I very much did. He told me that he wasn’t surprised and actually, that surprised me. Though I’m not sure it was that or that he really knows me better than I thought. I do really like administrative work and so he figured that I would enjoy this. He was right. And I learned a lot. This took about 5 hours over three days of my time at Pennsic. I liked it so much that I’m looking forward to helping out next year!

On Friday I met Mistress Giovanna at the battle field. I don’t think she expected to love the signal corps as much as she did. I was happy to see her excited about it though. She got right to work as soon as she could, pulling ladders and flags, tabards and radios. Her enthusiasm was catching!

We got to take the golf cart (yay!) up to the castle where we would be doing the flags. Though this was only after all the radios were passed out to all the marshals and ladders were placed on my lap. That made for an interesting ride. It’s a good thing that I trust Mistress Giovanna, because it could have been a scary ride otherwise!

At the top we set up the ladders. For the first and second battle I handed the flags to be displayed to her and then to Nicholas for the second battle. Nicholas has been doing this for TWENTY YEARS! What an amazing service and how awesome he has been able to do so! He’s really got a good system down and it’s fantastic. I’m happy to have met him and look forward to working with him in the future!

So, for the second and third battle, Mistress Giovanna did most of the communications with the Marshals as well as kept time in the battle. During the third one, I got to do the flags!!! I had been learning a bit about this having started to dive into the interest of palio, which is essentially flag movements that were used in time of war, a few months ago. So this really was something that while outside I may have been calm and collective, inside I was leaping for joy to try and do. I did and felt the excitement build up as we dropped flags for ten minutes, five minutes, two minutes, one minute, 30 seconds, fifteen seconds then dropping them to lay-on. and being part of what called the war into battle was pretty thrilling. There were holds called a few times so I got to experience this a couple times.

By the end my feet were crazy swollen and I was probably fairly sunburned but it felt amazing to really be a part of the action and to have one of the best possible seats to see all of the action. There was talk about next year here too! This would be fantastic!

Upon returning, Sir Gregoire thanked us for our service, explaining that he could not do what they do without our service we gave that day. It was something that made me excited to hear and added fuel to the fire to be more a part of it next year.

Later that night, after hours of drinking several bottles of water, many games of cards and backgammon, it was time for Eat It, Drink It, Burn It night (which is exactly how it sounds!). While eating some food and resting under a friends tent, My household gathered around and before everyone in camp. They called attention to the quests and then called my name. Mistress Giovanna stood by while Sir Gregoire spoke of my service at this pennsic. Not only did I do 8 hours but achieved about one more!

I learned about how fighters prepared and the process they go through. I learned about marshaling and a bit of what it takes to make the field battle successful and safe. I learned that there is so much more than I have seen that happens. And it happens right in front of us and some people never know what that is. But I have much more respect and appreciation for those who go over and beyond for the Marshal community. Those who we see standing in bright yellow against black who are doing so much more than just standing. For those sitting for hours at a table checking in fighter after fighter to make sure that things are ready to go before battles begin.

It is my honor to have been a part of such things this year.

It was more of a learning experience, and even self discovery, than I could have ever expected.

Thank you, Sir Gregoire and Mistress Giovanna.

NOTE: For more information on what the Pennsic Signal Corps is, 
please see this article from The Pennsic Independent!
Pennsic Signal Corps
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#baronwarsunderwater #servewhereserveimight

Bell Quest: A story from me regarding a service experience I have had.

I am surprised to be struggling most with whole of this quest. For those of you who din’t know, my Protege Aunt and Uncle gave me a quest at my Protege Ceremony. This one was to have a story from a Knight, a Laurel, a Pelican, a Royal Peer, a person from the SCA who has been in less than two years, a service experience that I have had, an arts and science experience that I’ve had, and a story from me involving a marshal experience that I’ve had.

I live in the Barony of Cynnabar. I could easily ask a peer of our group and have this quest done. But I’ve decided that I want to do it with peers that I don’t know very well. Which is hard for me, because I have a fear of asking people to take a moment to speak with me. I worry that I would be wasting their time or that perhaps they are too busy… or maybe even think I’m weird. Because it is hard and I know I struggle with it. is the reason I want to do it.

But on my side of things, it’s a bit easier. Though I have trouble picking which moment I want to pick. Today, that’s not the problem at all!

The weather was supposed to be good then then the next day not. I’ve attended tons of events with all sorts of weather. But yesterday topped them all. Yes, it was supposed to rain, but seriously, there has to be a break sometime… right?

When we arrived it was just sprinkling. The tents went up damp. The ground was a bit soft but tolerable and holding stakes. within an hour of having everything set up inside it started to pour. After taking time to lay inside and enjoy the patterns of a new lantern scattered around my tent, I decided to sleep. Sure it would be wet tomorrow but there would be time to hang out with friends and lots to do, including retaining at 10am.

The wind picked up. At times I seriously thought the tarp had come loose inside my tent and was flapping around. The front and back was snapping back and forth with a force I’m positive would have hurt if I had been standing next to it! At times, I thought my tent would be coming down on me. Luckily that didn’t happen. Even with the rain, I’ve never been to an event where no one was out by 8 am. There were posts going to Facebook. Outside, there was no standing water that I could see. The wind and rain was still going though.

Finally, I had to go to the bathroom and to my surprised, there were little ponds growing outside peoples’ tents. I got back, and spent the next hour or so wondering how on earth this day is going to go, and honestly, dreading the awful five inches of water that was going to weigh the hem of my dress down.

After spending some time talking with Cassandra in her tent, I decided I should probably get some food and get ready for the day. So I got my garb on and headed down. Despite the lack of people out in about, there were still some. A few were packing up. There were those who hadn’t made it through the rain as lucky as I had. Though I should have known better when they were walking through deeper mud with nothing on their feet. In my attempt to walk around, I slipped. It was at this point that I gave up the hope of being dry and clean. Two people were very generous in helping me out of such a mess. I was thankful because, well, mud.

I was even more surprised when I made it down to the battle field to find people working hard at preparing breakfast for those of us who were crazy enough to start our days (which is actually quite odd being that it was 9am and usually the event would have been underway at this point.) Still, I was thankful for the delicious food and hospitality, mud and all. At this point, I was starting to get pretty wet. The rain was not letting up and the winds were not stopping.

back at my tent, I tightened the ropes, stuck in a couple more stakes, ate, and officially started my day. Bad weather or not, the event was going to push on. Sir Gregoire and Lady Helena were sitting vigils, I had retaining at 10, youth combat to follow and a day of celebrating with friends. The water levels had gone down slightly and the outlook felt hopeful as reports of “A break in the weather” were sure to come.

So I made my way to the retaining shift, through a river that had been created and was unavoidable. At some point, you just don’t care anymore. The Queen and King had not yet arrived so I hung out with Beatrix, the royalty liaison for this event, just in case their majesties did show and needed a retainer.

Longest hour ever.

While I enjoyed my “sister’s” company, the rain was still coming and the wind was growing. We watched people attempt jumps over the riven and others give up and use it as a way to get clean momentarily from mud. Thankfully, the vigils had been moved inside! After an hour, I decided to double check the vigil to see how things were going. It was about 11am.

Sir Gregoire had told me it was cold. I honestly thought he couldn’t be serious. I had come to feel not warm but not cold…. just content. by this point, my clothes were muddy and wet. I did have a thin cloak over me, but nothing heavy. I was fine. Wet but going. The worst is that my back was sore from the fall earlier.

A bit later, I decided I was tired from being awake most of the night and sore so I should go home (to tent), but on new dry clothes and maybe lay down for a moment. Which I did all of. But then noticed the walls had broke free of the ground. (Which is impressive because they actually stick into the ground. I have seen my tent make it through 70mph winds in the past.) So I decided I was going home and should pack up. Everything could stay in until after court when I could get stuff to my car. The walls should hold until then.

Or rather for 15 more minutes. The wind picked up and the tarp and come loose, water was starting to make it’s way into my tent. The ground beneath it was turning to much. I threw on some clothes to put on garb but realized that wasn’t going to work. The tent was going to come down if I didn’t get it down. So I packed what I could alone before realizing, I didn’t know if I could take it down without accidentally hurting the tent beside me. By this point I was pressing my limit. I was wet and tired, hungry and frustrated and it was only about 1pm.

When I got back the vigil I was pretty sure I was going to explode. I had my Italian Ren dress on over my fleece pajamas. All of the three pairs of shoes I owned were full of water and mud. My hair was dripping it was so wet. I took a look at Lady Daye and Mistress Giovanna and spoke of frustration on the verge of tears. These two ladies are awesome.

Mistress Giovanna had me explain what was wrong then asked members and friends of the household to help me while Lady Daye calmly and gently reminded me that it is stuff. Stuff can be fixed, dried, replaced and that it’s okay. She is right. it can. And so with their help, I went off once more to solve my problem with a bit of food now and a moment to collect myself.

Lord Gavriil, Lord Uillec, And Lord Ionis all gathered to help me take down my tent. They are an amazing bunch. It helped so much that they were laughing and joking as we tried and struggled to take down my tent in the crazy wind and the rain which was soaking EVERYTHING. They made it bearable just a little longer. In the end, there was NO way to get my car in the fort to get it packed. I would need help via golf cart. Or some other means. It was far too heavy to carry. Lord Gavriil and I covered everything with a tarp and headed to find someone to help. On the way there, Lord Uillec informed me that Sir Straum may be able to have me put everything in his trailer. A bit later, that was confirmed so I settled for the fact that I would be headed out when Lord Uillec stopped me. By this point, I was in quite a bit of pain, thanks to my back. He told me to stay and get warm… Though I still didn’t feel that I needed to “get warm” I was already warm. I was sure of it. That he would take care of it. I was so shocked and thankful that I made sure to let the heads of our household know what an amazing thing he was doing. I got food and ate which I hadn’t realized I needed to really do until then. About 20 or so minutes later, it was time for court.


It was FREEZING outside. Seriously cold. I knew that didn’t happen all of sudden but then even the water was like prickles of ice touching my skin! People had talked about getting sick, but it had felt warm before. On the way into court, I noticed Beatrix’s lips were blue. Not a little blue but that of a light bruised color of which she informed it, it had been worse. I started to wonder more about how I was doing, or looking. I was sopping in my “dry clothes” at this point. It had only been an hour since I changed. Many of us crammed in a small place for one of the most awesome courts I have ever experienced. I felt like part of the whole. I have never been to a court where I felt the royalty was really not separate, but right there with us, soaked and wet. Awards were called and people cheered. Two elevations were done. And all the while, we stood together, those of us who had weathered this crazy wind and rain.

After court, I went back to the vigil. Water was starting to come in and we laughed about the level because… what else was there to do? Lady Eidy, a trouper herself coming with a broken foot to be there among friends and celebration, asked me to join her in sitting of which I did. I watched where people sat before realizing that while the water was bad outside, it was more than starting to come in. where people walked, the floorboards moved. Where they moved, water came up through them. So after telling Lady Daye and Sir Gregoire, we decided it was pretty much over at this point.

I struggled back to camp where we finished packing my tent into Sir Straum’s trailer (of which I’m about to go get soon) and then I helped another get their stuff into his trailer as well. In the end, He had about four or five groups of stuff with him, of which he took home as well.

I walked out to my car. By this point, the river that had been dying down outside the fort had now been moving was literally above my ankles with no hope of jumping over it. Honestly, at this point, it wouldn’t have made a difference. I was walking through everything and my car was not that far, having come last night meant I was parked closer to the fort. What I didn’t expect was the moment I sank into the grass water nearly five inches from my knees. I was soaked and in pain. I was done.

Accept that my car was going no where. The mud was too great. I wish I knew their names. But two lovely ladies who were helping everyone, came up and pushed my car. The three of us managed to get my car up and out of the waterlogged lands. Though I owe it all to them. I wish I would have gotten their names. One was even still wearing her yellow belt. I know, because when I turned around to thank them, she was the one literally covered in mud from my car.

As I got onto the road, I realized while this was the worst weather event I have been to, that it is these times that our service can shine. I was not as helpful as I normally would have been. Even today, my back has been hurting. But to see all of those who really stuck out and helped made me realize that it is these moments that really shine. That while service is done by volunteering most often, it is also done out of kindness and love for not only the SCA but for each other. So many people helped me out through the day, and so many I don’t know their names. Many probably don’t even know or may not even be thinking about what they have done. But I remember everything and even the gesture of the two who helped pull me up after falling in the mud sticks in my mind today and probably will for all the years to come.

Yesterday had been a rough day for many. I’ve never attended an event where everyone was gone almost half way through. But this was it and as much as it was rough, it was also grand, because we saw the kindness, love, willingness and closeness of great friends, even if we didn’t know their names, who really proved to be there for one another. Who really served their kingdom by taking care of the kingdom’s members.

Thank you to everyone who attended be you the amazing event staff or those who simply came because, well, SCA, who showed what the SCA really can be!


The #baronwarsunderwater came from a clever posting from my Pelican, Mistress Giovanna.

The two ladies who helped pull me from the mud are Mei Li and Epona Brodin

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